Frankie Macaulay, Tree Versus, The Dingle, Sir Sandford Flemming Park

Tree Versus, 2015 — 2017

outdoor installation, aluminum photographs

Sir Sandford Flemming Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia

This outdoor multi-site project, Tree Versus (2015), was installed at Sir Sandford Fleming Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia from April 2016 to November 2017. Eight black and white aluminum photographs could be discovered throughout the park along a trail hidden from the main path. The sites were found by following navigational markers, GPS coordinates or by happenstance. In contrast to the freely growing park trees, the photographs acted as metaphors to illustrate how nature endures, adapts, reacts and falls to human-made impositions; from fences to full scale urban development. 


The project was generously funded by NSCAD University's Reznick Student Creativity Award and installed with support from the Halifax Regional Municipality. A special thank you to the Reznick family, NSCAD University, Jamie MacLellan, Stephen Rice, Bobby Gregg, Nick Fisher, and the Adventure Earth Centre.


Tree Versus is on permanent display at Ironstone Strength & Conditioning (since June 2018).

Sign, Welsford Street.

Fence, Quinpool Road

Corrosion, Quingate Place

Chain, Windsor Street

Bolt, Charles Street

Threaded Rod, Tower Road

Fence, Allan Street

Sign, Kline Street